The Funniest Laughs News (TFLN.com) was founded in 2009 by friends and relatives who ‘live’ on the internet. Because of it’s expanse, you have to spend hours on the internet to find a few really funny laughs. So, we founded this site where our live editors sort through thousands of jokes, texts, videos and tweets to find the funniest laughs each week. We do it for ourselves first as in this world, we need to laugh! We also do it for people like you too. We want this site to be ‘our’ site, where only the funniest survives. We love our work and hope The Funniest Laughs News becomes a ‘watering hole’ in the desert of internet content.
If you need to reach us, our contact is info@tfln.com. We are part of a small but growing internet company called Media Creator LLC