The 'Top Five' is Alive

The Internet is a big place and it can be frustrating or even maddening just trying to find something funny to read or watch on-line. But fortunately for you, those days of banging your keyboard with a rock because your computer won’t show you anything funny are long gone. Instant gratification has arrived and it’s got a new name. It’s called The Funniest Laughs News.

What’s in a Website?
The hard-working monkeys and neighborhood children we’ve locked in our garage are working around the clock to bring you the best non-porn items the Internet has to offer. They compile the Web’s funniest texts, tweets and videos into easily digestible Top Five lists just for you. All you have to do is click-and-scroll-and-enjoy. And if you don’t, Levi the Silverback is giving little Johnnie a cigarette burn.

The Site is Yours
Besides creating the Top Five lists, we also want to see and read the content that makes you laugh. Upload it here. Take over the site. We made it for you. And who knows, maybe your video, text or tweet will be a part of next week’s Top Five. Just remember, we abhor racism, don’t publish porn, and are suckers for jokes involving Jersey Shore. Let's give the world the 'Top Five' funniest! People deserve to go right to the best, so join us as we make the world a place of laughter and smiles!

Stick Around is updated daily, so be sure to check-in often to see what you’ve been missing. If you have questions, go to the FAQs, and if you still have questions or comments after that, we can be reached at High five and thanks for laughing.