Q: Will my content be on the funniest top five list?
A: Possibly. It has to be damn funny, though. That said, we’re constantly reviewing the content uploaded and looking for that special something to show to rest of the world.

Q: What if I find a bug on your site?
A: Send an email to: support@mediacreator.com

Q: I want to advertise on TFLN.com. How do I do this? What’s the cost?
A: Send all inquiries to: sales@mediacreator.com

Q: Your site sucks. It isn’t funny.
A: Well, that’s an interesting comment, and while it’s not really a question, we are constantly trying to improve, and would appreciate any constructive criticism you have to offer. However, don’t just tell us we suck. Be specific and give an example of how we can improve. Also, don’t forget: This is your site too. Upload the content you think is funny and make the site better instantly. Send your comments here: info@tfln.com.

Q: Why can’t I get this stuipid video to play?
A: Perhaps your browser is outdated or possibly your computer? But feel free to contact us: support@mediacreator.com

Q: Why can’t I hear any sound while watching a video?
A: Check your volume controls. Make sure your sound is not muted.

If you still have questions or comments, we can be reached at info@tfln.com.